set up BVI offshore company

How to Register a BVI Offshore Company

The first step to register a BVI offshore company is to hire an offshore company formation service, as they will automate most of the tasks necessary to set up your firm in the BVI. Most services allow you to download the form online or execute an order by fax or mail. Some services also have ready-made lists of shelf companies that you can choose from. Continue reading

Guide to an BVI Offshore Company Formation

All BVI companies are incorporated according to the BVI Business Companies Act 2004 (the “Act”). Based on the current regulations, these incorporated companies can conduct business with non-residents, and they are also allowed to set up different companies. For the BVI offshore company formation, the following should be noted:


Permitted Company Set Ups

The Act allows you to form a BVI company that is limited by shares, limited by guarantee that doesn’t have authority to issue shares, with share issuing authorization, and a few others. Companies that were formed prior to the Act are automatically registered. However, some provisions of the previous law may be applicable to those companies. Continue reading

Why BVI Offshore Company Formation are Attracting Big Businesses

More and more businesses are interested in BVI offshore company formation because over the years, it has proven time and again to be an ideal location. First of all, it provides assets with maximum security, including the ability to relocate domiciles, and the company directors can protect those assets by moving them to another firm.


Additional Asset Protection

Aside from those mentioned above, company directors can move assets to another foundation or partnership, or consolidate with another corporation in a compliant jurisdiction. Furthermore, international companies are exempt from stamp duty and local taxes, and BVI bearer shares provide anonymity and confidentiality. Continue reading