Benefits to Establish Hong Kong Company

Hong kong is a leading international financial center and free port in the world. It provides good investment and business environment for entrepreneurs and businessmen to expand their global markets and China. Hence, Hong Kong is a hot choice for global investors that wish to invest in China. At present, Hong Kong has attracted more multinational corporations to incorporate their regional headquarters and offices. More and more China and oversea businessmen set up their companies in Hong Kong for different objectives. Benefits to Establish Hong Kong Company

There are many benefits to set up Hong Kong company to do business as below:

  • Enjoy facilities on international financial center and its sound legal system
  • No exchange control – In-and-out freedom of people, materials and funds
  • Best base and service platform to expand the international market and Mainland China
  • Little restriction on the business areas
  • Simple tax system in Hong Kong
  • Directors’ and their spouses’ salary to be deductible as an expense
  • No profit tax for overseas profit of Hong Kong Limited
  • Low tax rate on net profit after deduction of all operating expenses
  • Avoid double taxation for foreign emigration parties
  • Facilitate transfer of buildings
  • Enjoy interest deduction on installment contributions of buildings, cars, and fixed assets depreciation allowances
  • Enjoy Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) treatment for Hong Kong based companies in various sectors and Hong Kong funding schemes
  • Low restriction on incorporated publishers, magazines, newspapers, banks, insurance companies, foundations, associations, universities, research institutes, colleges, and other international groups
  • Ease to use Hong Kong company to apply for ISBN and ISSN international journals for China distribution
  • Facilitate international trade in the name of Hong Kong companies and use letters of credit ordering goods globally
  • Facilitate to apply for a trademark in Hong Kong to seize the international market
  • Easy to get the international credit with the Hong Kong company and re-invest in China in the form of joint venture
  • No need to send the fund to the banks for registered capital
  • Taking the advantage of Hong Kong’s international status and establish Hong Kong brand
  • Get the inhabitant right in Hong Kong if your enterprises have done contributions to Hong Kong


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