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Our One-stop website design services: domain registration, web design & construction (including static HTML web design, CMS web design, mobile web design, responsive web design), web hosting, website maintenance, website promotion (SEO and Google Adwords promotion).

Why need a professional company website?

Whether you set up a Hong Kong limited company or a offshore company to run your business or promote your business locally or globally,  you should consider to build your company website. Since the introduction and popularity of the internet, more and more companies have their own website which is as common as a person having his/her own business name card.

Today, customers are often used to understand a business from the corporate website before making business decision. It will greatly depress your customers if your company does not have a professional website. According to a survey abroad, a company with a professional corporate website will be more credible in the minds of potential customers than a company without website.Your customers may feel you are not serious in your business if you have no company website.

Your professional website is the key to establish your corporate image, impress your customers and gain their trust. Hence, it is very vital in company web design & construction.

Moreover, the company website can be helpful to promote your business and attract customers. Whether you are engaging the traditional form of advertising (TV or newspaper advertisement) or promotion via internet (email, social media, or other forms), you need a professional and well-presented website to show your products and/or services to your target customers to achieve sales or specific business goals.

Since many companies have consistently use search engines to find products and services information via internet before purchase, a corporate website has become an important tool to attract customers and businesses. It is important to consider a domain registration and company web design after company formation and registration.


To assist enterprises to build a professional and search engine friendly website, we provide a one-stop web design services. It includes:

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