Offshore Co., Formation

Offshore company refers to a company which is established in area outside of original location. The companies, registered by non-local residents in area like British Virgin Islands (BVI), Niue Island, Seychelles Island, Vanuatu, Samoa Islands, Bahamas, Panama, Cayman, etc., belong to this category. off-shore-company

Once offshore company is registered in Hong Kong, it will be regarded as a legal person, which can hold bank account, trust, funds, company stock, real estate, immovable property, etc. Benefit of offshore company formation & registration is mainly expressed in respect of tax revenue. Due to the relaxed tax system in some countries or areas, it attracts investors to set up an offshore company. Once offshore company does not operate in the locality, it usually involves no other tax or tax declaration. With pretty high confidentiality for shareholder information, it safeguards the private data. At present, most international banks usually accept account opening of offshore company, and some offshore companies can also be listed in other countries or areas. On many conditions, tax shall not be paid for the capital increased by special investment. Therefore, it can reduce a plenty of tax payment if offshore company is brought into international trade.

There are a lot of common offshore companies, such as British Virgin Island company (BVI company), Samoa Company, Vanuatu Company (VIC company), Seychelles company, etc.

Since the formation requirement varies from various jurisdiction, please contact us for more details.


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