Seychelles company registry

Introduction of Seychelles
Seychelles (also referred to as Republic of Seychelles) is a group of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean and between 4 and 5 degrees south of the Equator. The total area of Seychelles is about 455 square kilometers. Since it has good political stability with a democratically elected Government, the rapidly growing financial sector, linked to the establishment of the Seychelles International Business Authority and the introduction of progressive laws facilitates the establishment of the offshore financial services industry. Seychelles government exempts tax on business activities or transactions carried on outside of the Seychelles. In addition, there is no property inheritance tax, gift tax, and stamp duty on all operators.Seychelles

Creole, French and English

Legal System
Under English Common Law

Seychelles Company Name Requirement
Seychelles company name can contain wording such as Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Sociètè Anonyme, or its short forms, etc. It can also contain BV, GmbH, SARL, etc. Both the English and Chinese name can be included in a company’s Certificate of Incorporation.

Registered Capital of Seychelles Company
The standard issued share is 100,000 shares.

Shareholder and Director of Seychelles Company
It requires to have at least one director and one shareholder, who may be an adult (older than 18 with passport or ID card) or corporate entities, to set up a Seychelles company. Neither directors nor officers need to be shareholders. Shareholders, directors, and officers may be of any nationality and may be residents of any country. Director and shareholder can be the same person.

Registered Address and Legal Secretary of Seychelles Company
Although a company secretary is not mandatory for Seychelles company registration, it is customary to have one appointed. Secretary can be natural person or legal person, and may be of any nationality and need not be resident in the Seychelles. Registered address must be in the Seychelles. If needed, we can provide registered address.

Business Scope of Seychelles Company
The business scope of Seychelles company is very wide and almost covers all business.

Time required for Seychelles Company Formation
For a new Seychelles Company registration, it requires approximately 16 working days. For a ready-made company, it requires approximately 7 working days.

Documentation for Seychelles Company Registration
Company Incorporation certificate (C.I.), Memorandum & Articles of Association, registration documentations, company share certificates, chop & common seal, company statutory record and company kit, etc.

Open Bank Account for Seychelles Company
Bank account for Seychelles Company can be opened in Hong Kong and many other countries.

License Renewal of Seychelles Company
No tax is required to offshore business but renewal fee should be paid annually to local government to ensure the legal status of the company.

Account & Auditing of Seychelles Company
There is no company account, auditor’s report, and annual return required to be submitted every year. Profits tax is not required for offshore business.


Formation Requirement for Seychelles Company

  1. Choose a name for your Seychelles company. You may choose 3 different company names;
  2. Complete a letter of authorization for company registration with the information of the shareholder(s) and director(s) (copy of ID card or password);
  3. Pay the setup fee;
  4. We will advise if the company name you choose is available to incorporate after verification;
  5. Sign and return the documents of incorporation;


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