Content Management System CMS Web Design

CMS is the short form of Content Management System which is suitable for the websites with high update frequency. The websites built by CMS allow the users to add or amend the website contents via internet at any time without the knowledge of website editors such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage. You may use your browser such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc. to log in the backend platform of your CMS website to easily add web pages or maintain your site. Hence, the maintenance cost will be less costly. For less-updated websites, you may consider our basic static HTML web design package or Responsive web design package.

Why should you consider our CMS web design service?

Although CMS (Content Management System) allows the user to add or update web contents freely, there are some common problems with many CMS websites as below:

1. Duplicate Content
CMS builds dynamic webpages based on the templates. These similar webpages may be considered as duplicate and excluded from the Search Engines.

2. Generic Meta Tags
CMS generally puts the generic title and meta tags on all webpages hence results in bad SEO effect.

3. Dynamic URL string
CMS generally presents the same content under many different dynamic URLs. For example, it may produce many dfferent URLs for the same product page if the visitors search by color, size, price, or other combination. It is hard for search engines to index and these dynamic URL strings are usually long and hard to memorized.

4. Canonical Problem
One of the common problem of CMS is canonical problem. Search engines may treat and as two different websites with the same content.

5. Security Issues
Since many CMS are the open source software, the program coding and its vulnerabilities are open to the public. Hence, there are potential security issues that may arise if the security precautions are not taken properly.

As a conclusion, our professional CMS web design and planning, installation and configuration of the CMS software can help you to succeed in your web presence.


Our CMS Web Design services (Basic Plan – HKD3,500) includes:

  • Install Content Management System CMS software
  • Create a database for use
  • Create and install a customized theme (responsive web design to fit mobile devices)
  • Set up 5 webpage contents (A4 size, one language)
  • Install a robots.txt file to guide search engine spiders indexing your CMS site
  • Configure a sitemap.xml for search engine indexing
  • Set up the permalinks to improve SEO of your CMS site
  • Install social media share plugin to work with your CMS theme
  • Set up some security precautions for your CMS site
  • Install your company logo and graphics
  • Upto 2 revisions (during web design and production process)
  • Free website statistic Analytics installed
  • Website submission to major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, etc.
  • Free User Guide


Domain registration

  • dot com/net/org/biz) – HKD100/year
  • dot – HKD160/year
  • dot hk – HKD200/year


The exact amount of investment depends on the CMS web design requirements, special features, functions and number of web pages to be created. The quote for the CMS web design is subject to our final confirmation.

The text content should be provided in digital format (i.e. text content in the Ms word format and the pictures in the jpg format).

Act now to start your CMS web design project. Please instantly fill in the web design requirement analysis form to us.


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