Vanuatu company registry

Introduction of Vanuatu
Vanuatu (officially the Republic of Vanuatu) is a group of 80 islands located in the South Pacific Ocean.
In 2009, Vanuatu is rated by the World Bank as a “Ease of Doing Business” country and also recognised by the International Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as an international “white list” members of countries in June, 2011. Vanuatu is a tax haven and Vanuatu International Offshore Company (VIC company) can do business in any country except in the jurisdiction. Vanuatu company can be exempted from tax for offshore commercial activities. Directors and shareholders’ meeting may be held in any country, and the Board of Directors or the shareholders’ meeting can also be held by telephone, fax, conference calls and other electronic means.

成立瓦努阿圖公司 (VIC公司)
French and English

Legal System
Under Common Law

Vanuatu Company Name Requirement
There is no restriction in the Vanuatu company name. The name can be chosen freely in English and Limited, Incorporated, Corporation, Sendirian Berhad, Responsabilite Limitee, Gesellschaft mit bescharnkter Haftung, Besloten Vennootschap or its short forms can be accepted. It can also be added with Chinese name.

Registered Capital of Vanuatu Company
There is no restriction on the registered capital and no paid-up capital requirement. It means capital can be any amount in any currency. The minimum registered capital can be USD1. The set-up fee is same for different capital shares.

Shareholder and Director of Vanuatu Company
It requires one or more director and shareholder to set up Vanuatu company. Director and shareholder can be the same person. Shareholder can be legal person or natural person. Natural person shall be adult (older than 18) of any nationality and may be residents of any country passport or ID card.

Registered Address and Legal Secretary of Vanuatu Company
Company secretary is not mandatory for Vanuatu company registration. For registered office, local Vanuatu physical contact address is required and we can provide the registered address.

Business Scope of Vanuatu Company
According to Vanuatu International Company Ordance CAP222, Vanuatu International Companies (VIC) can operate any legal commercial activities unless for special restricted fields of industries such as bank and insurcance, etc.

Time required for Vanuatu Company Formation
For a new Vanuatu Company registration, it requires approximately 16 working days. For a ready-made company, it requires approximately 1 working day.

Documentation for Vanuatu Company Registration
Company Incorporation certificate (C.I.), Memorandum & Articles of Association, registration documentations, company share certificates, chop & common seal, company statutory record and company kit, etc.

Open Bank Account for Vanuatu Company
Bank account for Vanuatu Company can be opened in Hong Kong and many countries

License Renewal of Vanuatu Company
In the Vanuatu, no tax is required to offshore business but renewal fee should be paid annually to local government to ensure the legal status of the company.

Account & Auditing of Vanuatu Company
For Vanuatu company, no company account, auditor’s report, and annual return are required to be submitted every year. Profits tax is not required for offshore business.


Formation Requirement for Vanuatu Company

  1. Choose a name for your Vanuatu Company. You may choose 3 different names in priority;
  2. Complete a letter of authorization for company registration with the information of the shareholder(s) and director(s) (copy of ID card or password);
  3. Pay the setup fee for establishing Vanuatu Company;
  4. We will verify and advise if the Vanuatu Company you choose is available to register;
  5. Sign and return the documents of registration;


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