Benefits to establish offshore company

Company registered and established in area except original location is called offshore company. Offshore company is highly accepted worldwide because most countries or areas where offshore company registers are British colonies and their company laws originate from Britain.

Offshore company has existed over tens of years. Most governments admit offshore company to develop or invest in their country. Most banks also accept such company to open account. Offshore company can run business anywhere except the country where it is registered. Usually, the offshore company requires to pay an annual renewal fee to maintain her legal status but no tax if she does not operate any business on the country of registration.

It is generally regulated by Laws of country of registration of offshore company that the shareholder data and the earning status, etc. shall be kept confidential and never revealed to public. Investor of offshore company is not required to attend the country of registration to process the register by himself. It also does not require to submit Annual Return and the company accounts annually. The business of offshore company can be operated anywhere around the world.

Benefits to establish an offshore company is listed as below:

  • Offshore company can help enterprise expanding to the international markets, running oversea business and improving international corporate image
  • Enterprise can export products to her offshore company and then re-export products from offshore company to other countries bypassing export restriction and tariff wall to get free tax
  • It can avoid foreign exchange control, and is more convenient for funds attraction by oversea financing and listing using offshore company
  • It is convenient for capital transfer for offshore company
  • It is high confidentiality and secure private information of offshore company
  • Proper use of offshore company can avoid tax legally
  • Procedure of offshore company formation is very simple. The professional agent can complete it and the registrant is not required to attend the country of registration by himself
  • It is convenient for company management because it does not require meeting of stockholders and board meeting for offshore company
  • All legal liability will be borne by offshore company if investors use offshore company to invest and establish factory or trading in other counties. No damage of parent company’s reputation will be brought if there is any commercial dispute
  • Offshore company can be used to invest on oversea securities and real estate, process listing in oversea stock markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and U.S., etc.

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