Corporate Services (company secretarial services)

We offer corporate services such as company secretary services, accounting and audit services, company web design except Hong Kong company formation, offshore company formation (such as BVI company registry, Seychelles company registry, VIC/Vanuatu company registry, Samoa company registry, etc.).

Our corporate services include:

 Statutory Audits
The annual accounts of a Hong Kong limited company must be audited by a Certified Public Accountant (Practising) under the accounting and auditing standards as promulgated by the HKICPA. Our auditor not only audits annual accounts of companies in compliance with the Companies Ordinance and any other ordinances but also gives advice to clients on accounting and auditing matters.

 Special Audits and Reports
We also perform investigations into irregularities and making recommendations on findings and special reports for specific purposes, e.g. operational assessments.

 Taxation Services
We may prepare and file various tax returns including Profits Tax Returns, Employer’s Returns of remuneration of employees, Tax Returns for individuals, Property Tax Returns and Personal Assessment Returns. We can also act as your tax representatives, perform tax planning and advise on tax matters for companies and individuals, etc.

 Accountancy & Business Services
We may also help to maintenance accounting books and records, prepare periodic management and annual accounts, handle commercial papers, e.g. banking and shipping documents, payroll and Mandatory Provident Fund, etc.

 Company Secretarial Services
Our company secretarial services include Hong Kong company and offshore company formation and registration, maintenance of statutory records (e.g. Register of Shareholders, Register of Directors), arranging and attending meetings of directors and shareholders and preparation of minutes, filing of statutory documents (e.g. Annual Returns), arrangement of nominee services, provision of registered office for company incorporation, deregistration and members’ voluntary winding up, etc.

 Litigation Support
It includes gathering and analysis of financial and accounting information for litigation purposes, and provision of expert witnesses, etc.

 Financial & Management Consultancy Services
We help company to install financial management and control systems, search and recruit staff business planning and budgeting, and other financial advice to management.

We also help in corporate financing such as tailor-made financing plan, listed company’s shares financing, introduction of strategic shareholders, etc.

 Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency Services
It covers advice on liquidation, bankruptcy and insolvency matters, deregister a company in case of solvency, advice to lenders and trade creditors on debt recovery, assistance to rescue companies in financial crisis, business or debt reorganisation, monitoring of the financial performance of troubled companies, and preparation of statement of affairs, etc.

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