A Vanuatu Company Incorporation Guide

The steps for a Vanuatu Company Incorporation is based on the Banking, Insurance, Stamp Duties and Trust Companies Acts, the International Companies Act (1993) and the Companies Act (Cap 191). Together they form the framework for a company’s operation, and it is supervised by the Financial Services Commissioner. Continue reading

Other Incentives of VIC Offshore Company Formation

The popularity of VIC (Vanuatu international companies) have increased the past few years, as offshore companies provide a number of benefits for businesses and the individuals running them. Not only is the process straightforward, but there are no personal taxes, corporate taxes, capital gains taxes and other incentives.


Additional VIC Offshore Company Incentives

An offshore company that’s been incorporated in Vanuatu is also exempt from stringent reporting requirements, and there are no restrictions with regards to employment policies. The only restriction really is that since the company is exempted from all local restrictions and taxes, they cannot do business in Vanuatu. Because it’s a tax haven, a lot of companies and individuals have taken advantage of the opportunity. Continue reading

Advantages of Setting Up VIC offshore company in Vanuatu

Vanuatu has been a tax haven since 1971, but it wasn’t until the Vanuatu International Companies Act in 1993 that the country became known as a dependable offshore jurisdiction. Since the time, numerous companies have availed of its services and many benefits, including the following.


Perks and Privileges

A VIC offshore company can have any name it chooses in whatever language, and the offshore company capital can be set in whatever currency you choose, in whatever amount. There is no maximum or minimum share capital needed, and you don’t need to hold any annual general meetings nor file annual returns either. Continue reading

How to Register a BVI Offshore Company

The first step to register a BVI offshore company is to hire an offshore company formation service, as they will automate most of the tasks necessary to set up your firm in the BVI. Most services allow you to download the form online or execute an order by fax or mail. Some services also have ready-made lists of shelf companies that you can choose from. Continue reading

Guide to an BVI Offshore Company Formation

All BVI companies are incorporated according to the BVI Business Companies Act 2004 (the “Act”). Based on the current regulations, these incorporated companies can conduct business with non-residents, and they are also allowed to set up different companies. For the BVI offshore company formation, the following should be noted:


Permitted Company Set Ups

The Act allows you to form a BVI company that is limited by shares, limited by guarantee that doesn’t have authority to issue shares, with share issuing authorization, and a few others. Companies that were formed prior to the Act are automatically registered. However, some provisions of the previous law may be applicable to those companies. Continue reading

Why BVI Offshore Company Formation are Attracting Big Businesses

More and more businesses are interested in BVI offshore company formation because over the years, it has proven time and again to be an ideal location. First of all, it provides assets with maximum security, including the ability to relocate domiciles, and the company directors can protect those assets by moving them to another firm.


Additional Asset Protection

Aside from those mentioned above, company directors can move assets to another foundation or partnership, or consolidate with another corporation in a compliant jurisdiction. Furthermore, international companies are exempt from stamp duty and local taxes, and BVI bearer shares provide anonymity and confidentiality. Continue reading

Use of Offshore Company formation for copyrights, patents and royalties

Most people do not really know what offshore companies are and what they are for. And even those who have a working knowledge about offshore company formation & registration know very little about its use for copyrights, patents and royalties.


What are Copyrights, Patents and Royalties?

Copyrights protect certain forms of intellectual properties such as books, songs, software and so forth. Patents protect an inventor of a certain instrument, device or machine. Royalties are the sums paid to a holder of a copyright or invention. Continue reading

Offshore Company Formation Benefits Professional Service Providers

The success of modern businesses can be attributed to the deployment of the expert, skilled, and thoroughly experienced professionals. Whether they be legal, financial, or administrative professionals, the services they provide are indispensable to a company’s success.


True Professionals are Highly Paid

There is no shortcut to being an expert in a certain field. Much study and experience are needed before a professional can build his portfolio. Thus, you can’t expect him to provide his services in the cheap. Continue reading

Why Should you Register a Company Overseas?

Whether you’re planning to setup a new business or open a branch office, Hong Kong remains to be one of the best countries to do so. This place is famous as a go-to location for different types of offshore company formation. It’s also one of the leaders in finance and business, which would mean it’s an excellent jurisdiction for business incorporation.


For many company owners, Hong Kong is a fertile ground for a business that specifically targets the Asian market. Aside from the truth that Hong Kong is known to be politically stable, it is likewise a great place for the company to secure its wealth.


The following are some notable reasons why establishing a business should be done overseas: Continue reading

Steps in Opening a Branch Office in Hong Kong

A lot of foreign business owners find that the business regulations in Hong Kong are relaxed and never too strict. Thus, opening a branch office in this place is rather easy and fast.


Hong Kong’s government has already in place a quick, easy, and very affordable online process that caters to Americans who want to open up a business or a branch office in its jurisdiction.


Typical Steps in Opening a Branch Office Continue reading