How to Register a BVI Offshore Company

The first step to register a BVI offshore company is to hire an offshore company formation service, as they will automate most of the tasks necessary to set up your firm in the BVI. Most services allow you to download the form online or execute an order by fax or mail. Some services also have ready-made lists of shelf companies that you can choose from.


The Incorporation Process

Once you send the BVI company formation order, the service will review the information. Depending on the nature of the order, the service may contact you again for questions concerning the structure and if the name you chose is available. Upon confirmation of the details, the client’s name and the company beneficiary must be submitted. Before incorporation can proceed you must provide documents to identify yourself or your client. These may consist of a proof of address, passport and so on.


Company Registration

After your order details are checked and verified, the service will prepare the Articles of Association and Memorandum as well as other documents required to register your company. Usually there’s no need for you to sign any company formation documents as the paperwork is handled by a registered agent from the BVI offshore company formation service. After the paperwork is completed and fees paid, the service will submit the documents to the BVI Registrar of Companies. To comply with local laws information about the registered agent and registered address will be provided.


Relevant Documents

BVI company documents include the Registrar of Shareholders, Registrar of Directors copies, share certificates and the Minutes and Resolutions concerning allocation of shares and appointment of directors. In addition, the documents include the Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association and the Certificate of Incorporation. Usually these company documents will require certification by a government official or notary. If you want the documents to be accepted in other countries, they must undergo the Apostille legalization process.

Thanks to the BVI Business Companies Act 2004, requirements concerning the word, form and certification of documents are much easier to meet. But if you want specific provisions included you should inform the online service in advance to avoid complications. Configuring your BVI company isn’t that hard provided you submit all the requirements. Once the application process has been complete, you just need to wait for the confirmation email to arrive.




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